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    Perk by Häps

    Perk Gaming Mouse | Ergonomic RGB Mouse - 4 Level Adjustable DPI

    Product description

      Your gaming mouse is not just any object. It's your comrade-in-arms in every battle, in every victory, and in every defeat. That's why you can't rely on "just any" gaming mouse on your way to the top... Go for the right partner, grab the Perk Gaming Mouse and dominate your game!
      Product Details
    • FOR YOU - The ergonomic gaming mouse is designed for your gaming needs and is compatible with: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP and 32 bit IOS.
    • MULTIPLE - Gaming mouse with 4 available DPI levels: 1000/1600/3200/6400 for maximum performance.
    • RGB - The gaming mouse has an RGB backlight with 9 illuminated zones. You can determine the colors yourself at the touch of a button, or even turn them off.
    • PRECISION - The wired computer mouse has 7 non-programmable buttons and an integrated Sunplus SPCP190 navigator for maximum gaming precision.
    • RELAXED - The matte coating and special thumb pads give you a comfortable grip and effortless control.
    • QUALITY - The stylish RGB backlighting and solid quality make the mouse a reliable weapon for gaming.
    • Scope of delivery - 1 x PC mouse with USB 2.0 port (dimensions: 12.8 * 7.1 * 4.5cm (L*W*H), 1 x user manual
    • Terms of delivery
      Standard delivery 2-4 working days. Click on,Imprint, terms and conditions and Cancellation policy for more information


      Play hard boost smart!

      We wanted to make Perk extraordinary. Using the power of nature was the guiding principle for the recipe of Perk. PERK's specially selected agave syrup means for you, no artificial industrial sugar and still a brutal taste experience! In the Indian province of Dooars, the locals benefit from a very special root. From this root we extract our green tea. After withering the freshly picked leaves, a short steaming of the tea leaves prevents oxidation. For this reason, almost all the active ingredients present in the fresh leaf are preserved. This is how we get its invigorating effect which has been used among the locals for generations. Means for Perk: no unnatural and disturbing caffeine and still a lot of performance! Power that your head needs for the next gaming session. No dosage fluctuations, but power to the last drop!

      No annoying concentration problems, but performance without limits!

      And especially no chemical taste!

      Perk Gaming Booster dargestellt mit Blättern im inneren, um die natürlichen Inhaltsstoffe herauszustellen - Statt Industriezucker & Koffein wird Agavendicksaft, sowie Grünteeextrakt verwendet



      The gaming mouse that looks beautiful and takes your gameplay to a new level.

      With the PC mouse's lightning-fast 5G laser sensor and 4 DPI levels, you're guaranteed to take the lead in any game.
      The ergonomic grip guarantees gives you far more than simple ergonomics for the office, it gives you more power for gaming!

      Backed action in Shooters & Mobas or long raids in MMO's, with Perk you rely on performance and comfort.

      Perk Gaming Maus - PC Maus mit allen features und funktionieren - 4 DPI Stufen mit 6400 DPI MAX, 5G Lichtsensor, 1000 Hertz Abtastrate, ergonomischer Grip


      Strong grip for more control

      The perfect companion for you and your gaming mouse.

      With the Perk Gaming Mouse Pad you not only get the optimal combination of precision,speed and control, but also a real eye-catcher for your PC desk.

      Even if times must be cranked again neatly, the mouse pad loses thanks to the anti-slip coatingnot at grip.

      Perk gaming Mauspad mit Druck des Perk Logos und dem Schriftzug PERK by Häps

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