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    Perk by Häps

    Perk Gaming Booster | Pro Gamer Bundle (Console)

    Product description

      You know how it is: a long evening in front of the PC or console is coming up. Your performance is at its peak and you have the feeling that no one can stop you. But suddenly, after a while, exhaustion sets in and you lose focus. But you know you can't just stop now. You reach for coffee or something else unhealthy to keep yourself fresh, but after a short while you're thrown back again and your performance continues to drop.
      DO IT BETTER - Perk keeps you fresh during intense sessions and increases your focus and reflexes. Don't let it ruin your gaming experience and become part of the PERK TEAM!
      Bundle includes: 12 Perk Gaming Booster + Grip & Aim Pack
    Product Details
  • ENERGY BOOST - stay mentally on top of your game even during long sessions. Perk gives you the constant energy boost you need for long gaming days on PC & console.
  • FOCUS BOOST - In games like League of Legends, Fifa, Call of Duty, Fortnite and many more, you must never lose focus. We help your brain and give it the concentration it needs to keep you on the road to victory.
  • LEVEL UP YOUR GAME - Plug & Play instead of Shake & Wait! You can screw our Brainbooster onto almost any commercially available bottle and get started right away.
  • THE TASTE - Perk has an energy drink flavor, mix it with everything you want, be it apple spritzer, cola, water or lemonade and create your own gamer energy drink!
  • WHAT'S INSIDE? - we not only want the best for your gaming experience, but also the best for your body. We value natural ingredients, which is why we avoid industrial sugar and artificial caffeine. A brutal taste experience through high-quality agave syrup and exceptional performance through green tea extract - that's PERK!
  • FOR EVERYONE - no matter what platform - PC, Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5), xBox or even Nintendo Switch, we stand for the community!
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    Standard delivery 2-4 working days. Click on,Imprint, terms and conditions and Cancellation policy for more information.

    Energy Booster redefined

    Plug & Play instead of Shake & Wait. Whether mice, keyboards or controllers. Unpack, plug in and get started. So why not for gaming boosters as well? Unlike powdered products, with Perk you get a liquid booster and never have to sprinkle a powder into a shaker again. That means no more tedious mixing for you.

    Perk Gaming Booster Kapsel


    Play hard boost smart!

    We wanted to make Perk extraordinary. Using the power of nature was the guiding principle for the recipe of Perk. PERK's specially selected agave syrup means for you, no artificial industrial sugar and still a brutal taste experience! In the Indian province of Dooars, the locals benefit from a very special root. From this root we extract our green tea. After withering the freshly picked leaves, a short steaming of the tea leaves prevents oxidation. For this reason, almost all the active ingredients present in the fresh leaf are preserved. This is how we get its invigorating effect which has been used among the locals for generations. Means for Perk: no unnatural and disturbing caffeine and still a lot of performance! Power that your head needs for the next gaming session. No dosage fluctuations, but power to the last drop!

    No annoying concentration problems, but performance without limits!

    Perk Gaming Booster dargestellt mit Blättern im inneren, um die natürlichen Inhaltsstoffe herauszustellen - Statt Industriezucker & Koffein wird Agavendicksaft, sowie Grünteeextrakt verwendet


    With Perk you get an energy drink flavor and the possibility to combine it freely. You create the flavor of your choice! Because PERK is the flavor changer among gaming boosters. Whether apple spritzer, strawberry smoothie, cola or water your creativity knows no bounds

    Perk Gaming Booster auf verschiedenen Getränken aufgeschraubt, Apfelschorle, Limonade, Säfte

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