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    Normally, you will receive a shipment number from us shortly after your order. If this is not the case, then you can contact our customer service.


    It may be that we currently have a little more to do and therefore your order will be delayed a little but do not worry we will try to process your order as soon as possible.

    p>With a finished order this is not possible, unless you manage to contact us on the same day by mail or phone, so that we can still change your address; If you notice this when placing the order, then you can change this in your address line.


    Sometimes it is misrepresented by the shipping company and it was taken back because you could not be found.

    For a homebox and the bundle, the delivery costs are 2,99€. In international shipping, the costs vary depending on the destination country


    Yes you can but once you have opened the band and removed the seals, this is no longer possible because it is food.


    If your package is damaged, you can contact our customer service with a picture of your damaged package and we will send you a new package.

    Info about the member system

    You will be credited with points for every purchase, you can best check out our Perk Members page, there you will get more info.

    It may still be transferred, if this does not happen, please contact our customer support.

    You will find a button on our website, which will guide you to the respective registration areas (VIP & Newsletter).

    Yes, you just need to contact our customer service with the particular order number and we will add it.

    Yes, that's possible, we'll keep you posted on new rewards.

    Yes but the points are based on the price of the order. Say: If the product is cheaper in a discount promotion, then you also get fewer points.


    For your Bday you will receive points from us plus a surprise.

    With us you can reach the following member levels:

    - Recruit

    - Soldier

    - Specialist

    - Pro Gamer

    - Beast

    Yes, you can definitely do that.

    The following rewards are available: Mice, mouse pads, gaming rings, and gaming attachments for the PS and X BOX controllers.

    Should you have a problem with a Reward product, please feel free to contact our customer support and we will help you.

    The Perk gaming mouse is an ergonomic mouse with our design plus multiple levels of illumination.

    The Perk Mouse Pad is a 21 x 26 cm mouse pad with our logo to help you during your next gaming session.


    The foam rings are rings for controllers of the consoles X BOX and PS, so you can aim even more accurately.

    The Grips are attachments for the controller of your console, so you have even more grip in your gaming session.

    Questions about the product/ company

    We wanted to do something extraordinary with Perk. Perk is a capsule with a built-in dosing system, which can be turned on all standard PET bottles and mixes your carrier drink with our special flavor contained in the capsule. With the power of nature was our guiding principle. That means for you, no cheap industrial sugar but still a brutal taste experience.


    Perk is the first gaming booster in liquid form, which you can twist onto any PET bottle. 

    It's best to check out our table of ingredients.

    From the age of 14, you can drink Perk.

    It's best to check out our ingredients table or contact our customer support.

    No, we rely on ingredients from nature so you won't have a crash during your next gaming sessions.

    Our recommendation is one capsule per day


    The best way is with still water, cola or Fanta or even better, test it out yourself.

    We do completely without caffeine and cheap industrial sugar. With our Gamingbooster you have no crash, as with conventional boosters, when the effect of the caffeine wears off.


    In a Perk capsule are 40 ml.

    Yes it is possible but the decision is up to you

    Our company has been around since 2015.

    None are currently planned, but just be surprised and follow our newsletter.


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    This depends on your bank provider and on your transfer time. For example, if you transfer at 8:00 am, the money can reach our account the same day, if you transfer at 2:00 pm, the money usually reaches us the next working day.

    There was probably an error with the transfer you made, please contact our customer support.

    Please contact Paypal customer support directly on 0800 7234500.

    Please contact Klarna customer support directly on 0221 669 501 10.

    Please contact Sofort Überweisung customer support directly 089 20 20 88 96 00.

    Please contact Amazon Pay customer support directly

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