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    Unleash the Beast. Perk Gaming Booster Kapsel mit Game Kontroller und Gaming Maus. Flüssiger Gaming Energydrink für mehr Fokus beim Spielen.
    Unleash the Beast. Perk Gaming Booster Kapsel mit Game Kontroller und Gaming Maus. Flüssiger Gaming Energydrink für mehr Fokus beim Spielen. Erfahre wie du besser als Gamer wirst.

    The worldwidemost innovative


    You have to understand something. There is always a higher level.

    Maybe you have achieved a lot in life. Maybe you are at the top of one or more areas of your life.

    But you will not stay at the top if you are not hungry to grow.

    Hungry to improve yourself!

    Hungry to reach the next level. Even if you have to create this level yourself.

    Reach the next level!


    Anyone who has had an intense night of gaming knows how exhausting it can be for body and soul. A simple Gamer Energy Drink (Gaming Booster) can help you through the next round or the one after that, but what happens to your performance when the crash sets in? And how do energy drinks affect your health in the long run?

    The sad truth is that many popular pills and energy drinks do more harm than good to gamers.

    we say: fuck that!

    Sharpen your GAMEPLAY and increase your COLOURABILITY with PERK by Häps.

    The next generation of Mindboosting technology

    Beim Gaming ist die richtige Koordination von Kopf und Körper gefragt. Du nimmst im Spiel unendlich viele optische und akustische Reize wahr. Dein Kopf ist dabei der Spieler, der diese verarbeitet und darauf reagiert. Doch die perfekte Koordination wird nur erreicht, wenn dein Verstand richtig arbeiten kann. PERK bringt deinen Verstand auf ein neues Level. Ein Level auf dem du merkst, zu wie viel mehr du eigentlich in der Lage bist.


    Tired? Never!

    The sophisticated Hyperboost formula allows PERK to pass directly through the blood-brain barrier. This gives your body the energy and endurance needed for intensive gaming sessions.


    Optimize your Game

    What makes you better than your opponent? Your reaction! All this controls your brain! Supply your neurotransmitters with micronutrients for maximum success.

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    Create your Zone

    The evolution to focus your mind for gaming. Enter the state where time disappears for consciousness and you are one with what you love.


    Dominate the Game

    sharpened senses, full focus and faster reflexes. Now it is up to you to dominate the game!

    Perk Gaming Booster Kapsel
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    The shape shifter

    How or what does PERK taste like? With the taste for PERK we have decided to give you the best out of two worlds. The typical energy drink flavor and the possibility of this to combine freely. You create the flavor of your choice! Because PERK is the taste shifter among gaming boosters. Whether apple spritzer, strawberry smoothie, cola or water, there are no limits to your creativity. Combine PERK with your favorite drink and create your own gaming booster flavor.

    Never again bad tasting boosters!



    Play hard boost smart!

    We wanted to make Perk extraordinary. Using the power of nature was the guiding principle for the recipe of Perk. The specially selected agave syrup of PERK means for you,no artificial industrial sugar and still a brutal taste experience! In the Indian province of Dooars, the locals benefit from a very special root. From this root we extract our green tea. After withering the freshly picked leaves, a short steaming of the tea leaves prevents oxidation. For this reason, almost all the active ingredients present in the fresh leaf are preserved. This is how we get its invigorating effect which has been used among the locals for generations. Means for Perk: no unnatural and disturbing caffeine and still a lot of performance! Power that your head needs for the next gaming session. No dosage fluctuations, but power to the last drop!

    No annoying concentration problems, but performance without limits!

    And especially no chemical aftertaste!


    Reach your Greatness!

    We are convinced that greatness is not born but created. It is formed through hours of training, long nights and dedication. It is the unique combination of endurance and quick thinking. Absolute focus and nerves of steel. Because greatness is only for the few. For those who go the extra mile. For those who sacrifice themselves for their passion. Perk is our interpretation of greatness, bottled in capsules. Because when you give your body only the best, you play better, respond faster, and last longer. Perk is the gaming booster with the most potent substances from nature. A patented capsule you can twist on any bottle to create your own flavor. Packed with natural ingredients that increase focus, eliminate fatigue and keep you calm. The liquid that can be combined with any drink and flavor to your liking. The perfect blend to increase your concentration and reduce fatigue. The system that releases its dose gradually, so you benefit to the last drop.

    No caffeine, no taurine, no sugar. No more pills, no more powders. Just power. Pure nature to power your gameplay. Because elite performance cries out for elite ingredients. Level Up your Gaming Skills!

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